Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wedding Update

In the past week and a half, I have:
  • Designed, printed, and mailed the rehearsal dinner invitations.
  • Made hotel reservations for Honeymoon #1 immediately following the wedding.
  • Finalized the flower order with the florist.
  • Sampled wedding cake... Yum!
  • Had the second fitting for my wedding gown.
  • Bought reception centerpiece and guest favors supplies.
  • Nagged a few people about getting their RSVP cards to me... he-he
  • Cleaned one of my spare bedrooms in preparation for selling my condo. boohoo... I will miss the first home that was my very own.
  • Written up a super, psycho-anal detailed schedule of events for the wedding day.
  • Written drafts one and two of wedding ceremony program.
  • Sent the reception dinner menu to the woman who will be printing something pretty for the reception... Thanks, Mary B.!
  • Asked my sister endless questions about bubbles, guest books, and cute little cake napkins. Bubbles - yes, guestbook - yes, cute little cake napkins - uh, NO!

A sampling of the To-Do list:

  • Assemble the bridesmaids' gift bags.
  • Order the wedding cake. I am thinking Chocolate Cake with chocolate fudge filling and another layer of White Cake with raspberry filling.
  • Finalize the wedding program. Purchase the pretty paper for the programs. Print the programs.
  • Purchase the last few items for the centerpieces.
  • Assemble the guest favors and tie pretty ribbons on the bubbles. Volunteers to help?
  • Make a CD of the ceremony music.
  • Nag more people about the RSVPs. ha-ha
  • Buy the guestbook, place cards, and candles for the unity candle.
  • Order the hors d'oeuvres for the small reception at the church building. Come up with decorations for the small reception at the church building.
  • Buy a swimsuit for Honeymoon #2 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!
  • Check on the status of the pew bows.
  • Have the third fitting for my wedding gown.
  • Determine if we will provide child care during the ceremony.
  • Scramble to find someone to videotape the ceremony.
  • Meet with the DJ to finalize the music selections.
  • Give a huge amount of money to the reception hall along with the final guest count.
  • Clean my second spare bedroom in preparation for selling my condo.... sniff...
  • Write a million Thank You notes for gifts received.
  • Work on the seating chart for the reception.

I am tired...


RD said...

I am tired just reading your blog! My advice (not that you asked for it) is to enjoy it, soak up every moment and don't let all the planning stress you out because I guarantee that something will go wrong (not trying to add more stress or anything . . . just telling it like it is!). Happy wedding planning and marrying! Wish I could be there :(

superflashgo said...

Hmmm the planning for my wedding was SO stressful. My mom called me every day with a change in details. It made my crazy but everything turned out ok. It sounds like you are going to have a lovely wedding! mmmm...cake...

Jennifer from Ohio said...

Wow Mary, you need a nap! We just got back from my brother's wedding, so I can appreciate all that you are doing and how long it takes. Looking forward to seeing you very soon!!!