Friday, August 31, 2007

Engagement pictures... check!

Last night Jeff and I had our engagement pictures taken by our photographer. I should have those pics to share with everyone in about two weeks. We went to downtown Royal Oak for our photo shoot. I am definitely a math brain when it comes to artsy things like this... Where I would have headed straight to the flower garden as a picture backdrop, our photographer made use of a metal garage door at the Farmer's Market as one of the backdrops. He has a good eye for things like this, so I am very curious to see how the pictures turn out.

Now I am on to choosing the wedding cake... Only four weeks to go!


Jennifer from Ohio said...

Welcome to the blogging world!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! My e-mail went ka-plooey a week or so ago, so I have been getting everything back in order (if you sent anything during that time, it is lost!)

superflashgo said...

The cake is the BEST part of a wedding!

Well, there's always the "marriage" part that's pretty good, too. But I really like the cake!

AEGN said...

I want more wedding updates on your blog, please! :)