Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Top 5

My family and I like to play a game where we come up with a category, and then think of our top 5 favorites in that category. Here is my top 5 favorite moments of my engagement to Jeff:

5. Jeff and I practicing our first dance.
4. Wedding gown shopping with my sister-in-law. Every time the saleslady put the veil on my head, I would get teary.
3. Announcing our engagement to our church family. They were so happy for us, and cheered when the announcement was made at the end of the worship service. Our elder Hayward told me that it did his heart good to see me so happy. I was giddy with laughter.
2. Calling my sister to tell her that we were engaged. She answered the phone and I didn't say a single word. I just started laughing. She started laughing too. Only a sister would know. God bless her.

And my most favorite moment:

1. Jeff asking me to be his wife.


AEGN said...

It makes me feel so good to read #2!! :) I am the teary one now... I love you sweet sistah!

superflashgo said...

I can't believe your wedding is tomorrow already! Those pictures are just lovely and it breaks my heart that I'm not going to be there to see you get married. Pfsh. Who am I kidding? I'd be crying to hard I wouldn't "see" it anyway. I am so happy for you Mary. You are simply ravishing with love on your smile. I mailed your gift...it should be arriving today or tommorrow. It requires...explanation...

superflashgo said...

Wait...it's next week. I'm a crazy lady. But I'm still gonna cry anyway.

Jennifer from Ohio said...

superflashgo gave me a panic attack. I was reading the comments and when she mentioned your wedding being "tomorrow", I had a brief moment when I thought that I had totally lost my mind and missed your wedding!!!! I feel better now!